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Sept 5 , 1983 Monday (188.5 mtg) From Gonzo!s Appalachian Trail journal

Today, being Labor Day Holiday, the post office was closed and we could not get our mail; although Lan and Tom had just happened to run into the postmaster and gotten their mail. They were free to take off, and they did. Speaking of taking off, that is just what I decided to do. Take the day off and let my heal recouperate. Breakfast this morning, included with the price of the stay, consisted of two eggs, bacon, toast, and juice.

Ron, Nick, and Cathy arrived after hitching into town and stopping at the diner for breakfast. Max decided to take the day off also, and spent the majority of the day hitching back to Rangely to buy souveniers. Later when he returned, he told stories about how he had been in a weird bar where everyone was buying him beer after finding out what he had been doing all summer long.

Another southbound hiker named Gurdie, a female from Canada came in. I enlisted her company as I went back to Cathie's for a burger. She ordered coffee. She had not been on the trail long enough to develop that thru-hiker appetite that I had honed over the past 2000 miles.

I returned for a third time during this town stop this evening for supper with Cathy and Max after we solved the big dilemma of the day - eat at Cathie's again, or go for the Chinese restaurant that was rumored to be down the road. We went for the sure thing.

I called home and talked with Mom for 25 minutes (cost $8.27). The following day she went to the post office and sent out a package to me to Caratunk, Me. Since I would be there in only three days, she sent it airmail, at a cost of $10.62 with $1.25 for insurance. (see postal receipt) I hoped it would make it there in time. It contained many items, which can be seen here.

Gonzo! Appalachian Trail Journals ©1983

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