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Sept 6 , 1983 Tuesday (188.5 mtg) From Gonzo!s Appalachian Trail journal

Breakfast at the Widow's Walk was nice with all the hikers sitting around talking and having fun. Once we were finished we all headed down to the post office to check for mail. I had none. I could have moved on yesterday, but I believe setting the day out helped my heal, and was a good idea. The others decided to wait for the mail to be sorted this morning while I packed up and headed for the road to get a ride. They were going to hike out of town on the old AT which now was called the Bigelow Range Trail. I snagged a ride from a woman in a green Barracuda with a passenger seat that refused to fold forward to allow easy access to the rear seat for me to put my pack. I did not let that stop me, I crawled in to the front bucket seat, breathed in, and stuffed my pack in front between me and the dashboard with very little room to spare. The ride was not long, and I was soon back on the trail with only two more mail stops between me and my goal - Katahdin. I discovered that my heal still hurt somewhat, but was much better.

The biggest part of the day would be spent ascending and traversing the Bigelow Mountain Range which included passing over various peaks along that route. Once upon the ridge, the trail turned right and continued on to Horn's Pond. Another solar toilet was located at this shelter similar to the one at Gentian Pond in New Hampshire. I read the register at the shelter and then set out for the climb up to the South Peak just a mile away. Looking back while on the ascent I could see Horn's Pond below, a beautiful mountain tarn, a remnant from the ice age. The trail dipped down, went over a series of up and down bumps and then ascended the West Peak. From there I descended only about a quarter of a mile to my destination - the Myron Avery Memorial Lean-to. I was immediately greeted by a fairly large group of Harvard Orientation students, including one who was wearing a "Powder Milk Biscuit" t-shirt popularized as a sponsor of the Prairie Home Companion Show. At first I thought that they might be the group that I had had read about that had monopolized a shelter and caused "Cruel Shoes" to have to spend the night out in the rain some time back. I was wrong, and these guys were nice enough to even offer me cheese and crackers. They were nice enough to tell me about the spring that was just a hundred yards or so further north along the trail before they left for Horn's Pond Shelter or where ever they ended up for the night. Later another guy came by on his ascent of Avery Peak rising up beyond the shelter, but did not stay. The rest of the crew from Stratton did not show up that night. I spent the cool, windy night alone and had a good, peaceful time.

Gonzo! Appalachian Trail Journals ©1983

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