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Aug 18 , 1983 Thursday (434.4 mtg) From Gonzo!s Appalachian Trail journal

The new relocation up Moose Mountain was not open yet, so there was not a lot of climbing today other than the climb up Holt's Ledges and the climb up Smarts Mountain. Holt's Ledges was the shorter climb of the two. From Lyme-Dorchester Road, after the descent from Holt's Ledges, the trail ascended five and three quarters miles with an elevation gain of almost 2500 feet to the summit of Smarts Mountain. Once near the summit I took the short side trail to Smarts Mountain Shelter to check the place out and read the register. I noticed in the register that John Smart had made an entry, and was only a few days ahead. I had met him, I believe, at Plumb Orchard Shelter way back when in 1981. Unfortunately I did not check out the famous "privey with a view" located on Smart's Mountain. I do not know if this was because I just did not know about it, or if I could not find it, or if I just thought the view from the fire tower would be just as good.

I decided to eat lunch at the firewardens cabin at the summit only because there were no views from the nearby firetower due to the weather. The descent off of the mountain was much steeper than the climb to get there. It dropped steeply for about a mile and a half and then became more gradual as I approached the Quintown Road. The trail followed the road for a while until just before the point where the trail left the road near Mt. Cube Shelter. At that junction I met a nice family, Timothy Housely, his wife and their young boy who were just on their way to the beach on Lower Baker Pond. I had no idea where this was, but they were going swimming and invited me to go along. Sounded like a good idea, so I hopped into their vehicle. We drove down route 25a for what seemed like a long ride, and then pulled off at the lake near the road. The beach was small, but the water was refreshing, and allowed for a bath as well. Later that afternoon we returned to the spot I had met them and was invited to have supper at their small cabin right next to the trail along the roadwalk. That evening, I proceeded up the side of Mount Cube, and made my camp among the rocks on the south summit as far as I could tell. While there, I met a couple of guys who had jogged up Mount Cube along the new relocation that I would not have to take since it was not open yet. A hazy sunset ended the day, and once again I was lucky that the rain did not fall during the night.

Gonzo! Appalachian Trail Journals ©1983

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