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Aug 13 , 1983 Saturday (532.7 mtg) From Gonzo!s Appalachian Trail journal

Over the night the bad weather cleared out, and we awoke to a mostly cloudless sky. Perfect for my ascent of Bromley Mountain this morning. Within two miles I was at the summit where the summit station of the Big Bromley Chair Lift was located, along with an observation tower with splendid views in all directions - now that the weather had cleared. These were some of the best views I had encountered in a long time.

Continuing on, I passed Mad Tom Shelter and then soon after - Mad Tom Notch. The term "notch" is used in the northern three states rather than "gap." Usually the term "Notch" refers to something more deep and severe than some of the "Gaps" of the south. The 1000 foot climb up Styles Peak from the low point in the gap was difficult, but provided equally good views, as did Peru Peak. What a glorious day to be hiking! Although there were many views today, the best views came at Bromley Mountain, and Baker Peak.

After Baker Peak, I descended gradually for four miles to the Danby-Landgrove Road and then began the very gradual ascent to Little Rock Pond. Along the way I passed the Lula Tye Shelter, and Little Rock Pond Shelter. A nice level section for a mile then turned into a steeper ascent up an area known as White Rocks Mountain. Along the descent from the highest point on White Rocks Mountain I took the short side trail to White Rocks Cliffs for the view over the valley where Otter Creek lay, and US Highway 7 paralleled. The town of Wallingford could be seen as well. The view reminded me of the Bob Newhart show about the Inn located in Vermont somewhere. The day could not have been any better. I was glad I had chosen to spend the extra day at Bromley Camp during yesterday's nasty weather. That was something unusual for me, I usually hike no matter what. More downhill off of White Rock Mountain led down to Vermont 140, and then up the opposite side of the highway ascending the side of Button Hill. Descending for another mile bought me to Minerva Hinchey Shelter, formerly Sunnyside Camp, where I ended the day after 28 miles of beautiful hiking. At the shelter I met Richard Kozon from New York City.

Gonzo! Appalachian Trail Journals ©1983

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