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July 9, 1981 Thursday From Gonzo!s Appalachian Trail journal

We woke up early to get into town. Traditional breakfast (oatmeal & grits). We have very little water, since there is no water source at Hay Rock, but only five miles to town. I can make it, but the way Bob looses it through sweating, I don’t know about him. The trail lead us along the ridge of Tinker Mountain and under some big power lines. The last bit of this section was road walking. I took one last pictures of me walking this year (but for some unknown reason it did not develop – perhaps it was a sign that I was not really finished). Once, on one of the more used roads, we were offered a ride to the next shelter by someone in a Brown’s Exterminators truck. Bob refused and explained that he had to walk all the way. What an inspiration for my next trip! Besides that, we wanted to stop and eat near the truck stops. We spotted the Pizza Hut from afar, but stopped before that and had a quart of OJ at a gas station along the road and then walked to the truck stop. Bob played a few games of Asteroids Deluxe before we started walking to Cloverdale. No rides offered along the busy highway. On the way saw Bill and Jeanne on their way out to the next shelter. I checked in at the Hollins Motel and then saw Peter off with his new pack frame that had finally arrived. Showered up at the hotel and then hitched back to the truck stop to eat at Pizza Hut if there was a special buffet. There was. Bob had to walk all the way. After lunch I had a pint of Raspberry sherbert while Bob played video games once again. I was just ready to leave when we ran into Bill & Jeanne – they had decided to go home – for a lot of the same reasons as I in my own opinion. Cloverdale seems to be a popular dropout spot.

Room with TV and nice refreshing cool air conditioning for $16 – one bed for two people – Me and Bob. Took an uplifting dip in the pool, then went across the street to Larry’s country store where I bought supper – Raisin Bran and milk, some vanilla wafers, and a free bag of day old donuts . Oh, and some bananas also. Watched Huck Finn on TV in Bill and Jeanne’s room until 11:00pm. In the eastern time zone, their movies run 9 – 11. Not what I am used to in the central time zone where they are on from 8 – 10 pm. What a bummer. Once the movie finished, I hit the sack in anticipation of a good night’s sleep without any bugs.

Directions to PO 1.5 miles on Rt 11, left on 654 for ½ mile, take right on route 605 a block PO on your left.

Gonzo! Appalachian Trail Journals ©1981