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July 2, 1981 Thursday From Gonzo!s Appalachian Trail journal

Ate trail food for breakfast. Finished reading “Interview with the Vampire” which took a good chunk of the day. I went to the grocery store with Larry to buy the ingredients to make myself a root beer float, but he snagged the last pint of vanilla ice cream. I found some A&W root beer, and I said to myself that I I would make one later. I did too! I bought ½ gallon of ice cream and 3 bottles of A&W, thinking I would share with the rest of the bunch, but no one wanted any! I virtually had to eat the whole thing myself. I talked Cindy into eating some, and then Larry a little also, but I know I must have eaten at least 3/4 of the half gallon. I was full afterwards, and decided that was my supper. Called Mom from the Kroger store, and also bought a Silverstone sauté pan and pancake mix. Can’t decide what to do – keep hiking, or start hitching, or take a bus home. Bob’s mom and dad showed up tonight. They are very involved with their son’s hike, and are going to hike south to meet Bob and then walk back to the hospice with him tomorrow. Joel left today after making a cardboard sign indicating he was hitch hiking to Newport.

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