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July 3, 1981 Friday From Gonzo!s Appalachian Trail journal

Tried out my new Silverstone sauté pan this morning by making pancakes . Oiled it up good first as it recommended, then blasted away making pancakes. They were working stupendously! Just let ‘em cook on one side for a while, give the pan a little jiggle and the pancake would unfasten itself from the pan!

I heard that the Post Office closed at noon as the morning was about to become afternoon, so I made a quick trip to check for mail. Sure enough, it was going to, but I made it there in time. I received a post card from Amy in Carbondale. She thought maybe I was homesick, so she sent a post card of Neely Tower with a little bit of Boomer and Trueblood Hall shown on it also. She wrote that she had been to Devils Kitchen last Friday, and that there was a big party planned for the fourth. After the PO, Chuck, (who had arrived with Bruce and Pat) and I stopped at the Virginian Restaurant and a drug store. After a little while there, we headed for the Laundromat where I did my wash, a little of his and a little of Bruce’s. On the way back, while passing near the Pizza Hut, I noticed a Bronco with several people standing around it and apparently getting into the vehicle. I ran because I figured it was Bob’s parents and I wanted a ride. Actually I didn’t know whether they were just getting there, or if they were just leaving. Luckily, they had just finished. We all crammed in and were driven to the hospice. I later walked back down to the bus station to see about a bus out of Pearisburg to Charleston. The cost was about $80 and 2.5 days via Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. On the return trip to the hospice at about 2:20pm, I stopped at the Pizza Hut and asked if there was any extra Pizza since I had learned that they occasionally give the leftovers to the hikers after the lunch buffet time had expired. I received a whole mushroom, green pepper and onion, T & C (thick and Chewy?) pizza. Even though I usually do not eat green peppers, I ate some and brought the rest to the hospice for anyone else. There were only a few takers, so I filled up for free! Laid around all afternoon until later, when Larry fixed Uncle Bens rice with turkey and invited me to eat with him. Very delicious.

I took a few photos of the mountains behind “the Barn”, and once again began debating whether to quit or go on. The things involved in my debate are: keeping up with someone, hiking or not hiking with someone, amount of food eaten, constant thought of food, impatientness to get to the next camp spot, sore back, sore back of heals & side of right foot. My father’s vacation is coming up soon and Mom was wondering whether I wanted to be picked up or not. I will let her know. If I’m OK I think I would like to keep going. (This statement seems to put the reason for what was to come upon my physical condition at the time more than any of the other items stated.) I sat around a fire someone had built outside for a while before going to bed.

Gonzo! Appalachian Trail Journals ©1981