This is the 1983 Hiker yearbook.
It is a compilation of many of the hikers that passed through Harper's Ferry and had their photos taken. They are arranged by arrival date according to the records entered at Harper's Ferry, which may not be entirely correct.
Click on each thumbnail photos for a larger version.
Some hikers did not stop to visit so check the "hikers not in HF photos" section.
If you hiked in 1983 and your photo is not here, and you would like it to be, the date or spelling is incorrect, or if you have any trivia to add about these hikers, please contact me.

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For the most complete list of hikers from 1983 click here


April 1983

April 4, 1983
Dan Smith


May 1983

May 4
Maxelle O. "Lardass" Smith



May 7
Larry Vetter


May 9
Doug Becker


May 11
Brette LeFevre
Marc Davis
Mark Evans
Bob Lynski
Dog: Shottsey


May 13
Jim "The Hacky sack Kid" Kuras
Brian Donelan


May 15
Freckles Potteiger


May 16
Ernie "Goat Tagger" Latson


May 17
Joe Tardiff


May 18
"The PA Plodders"
Susan & Trink Coombs




June 1983

June 1
Doug Horner


June 1
"Rascal - The Southbound Musheater"


June 1
Karen "Rusty" Meadows & dog "Babe"
Deb "Snapper" Yavorski & dog "Nanti"


June 1
Joe "The Mill Hunkey" Kupec


June 2
Neal Cope


June 2
Floyd Beatty
Dwayne Allen


June 2
John "Joe" Carruso
Patrick "Moe" Thornton
Tom Sitz




June 2
"The Trail Tots"
Eric "The Red" Weinmann
Steve "The Comic Kid" Queen



June 2
"The M & M's"
Michael Libby
Michael Dawson


June 3
David "Just Passin' Thru" Swanston


June 5
Pauline Henry Dziewit
Allen Pearson
Harry Train


June 6
Eric"DT" Larson
Rick Boordman II
Glenn Garland


June 6
Allen Pearson
Harry Train
David Vander Ploeg


June 6
Larry "The UFP" Michon
Bruce Van Dyke




June 6
Todd "The Commandant" Jeffreys
Tom "Frankenboot" Carey



June 8
Wanda Kurdziel



June 8
Phil Goad


June 9
Joseph Lane Moore


June 9
Donna "Big K" Kopitsky


June 10
Lori Hyde
Paula Spady
& Strider


June 10
Curtis "The Runt" Anderson
his dog "AT"


June 14
Tim "Sam Blue" Cole
Dave Garrott
Jim Carnahan


June 14
Kevin & Mark Haueter



June 14
Paul Schaudt


June 14
Elton L. Fauber


June 14
Irv "The Trail Walker" Warfield


June 16
Dan O'keefe
Mike Whorf
"Thru Hiker Position"


June 16
Jim Gammans
Liz "Lobster
Kathy "Sarah Sue Snail" Morgan
Fred "Beowolf" Abraham


June 17
Don Cherry
Claude "The Maximus" Griffith


June 18
David Buchanan


June 21
Audrey Ewin
Lisa Carlson
Matthew Ramsey


June 21
Dick & Lana Potteiger




June 21
Nicholas Schmidt
John D. Worrell Jr.




June 21
T.J. Connolly


June 21
Susan "Lan" Parsons


June 22
Russ Wilkenloh



June 24
Fenn Huntington


June 24
Butch Fries
Rob Hoeper


June 24
Doug Jordan
Tim Platts
Richard Kozon




June 24
Glen "Nanuk of the North" Mittelhauser


June 25
Ed Powers


June 25
Bern "The M & M Kid" Weintraub


June 27
"The K2 Team"
Kathi Weiss
Kath "The Hiking Pole" Stachowski


June 28
Richard H. Davis
Tom Stevens
John Beckstrand


June 28
Tom "Bombadil" Butler
Bruce "Mad Mountain Man" Becker


June 29
Dianne Spott


June 30
The Robots"
Jim Hassan & Eric Watkins
Bob "Fish" Fisher


July 1983

July 1
Stuart O. Smith Jr.
Pat Guthrie



July 1
Beth "Pugnose" Burt
Dave "Dumpling" Laney


July 2
Kirk "Diggerfoot" Sinclair


July 3
Marcel "Rhode Island Red" Montville


July 5
Mary Kancevitch
Deborah Taggert
& Kelly


July 5
Paul "Damien" Nichols


July 5
David R. "Smitty" Smith


July 6
Pete Headden




July 6
Hester Heck
Myrtle Humphreys


July 6
Julie "Big Mama" settle
Eric "Cap'n Incorrigible" Olson
Bruce "The Yak" Berlin


July 6
Boy Scout Troop 60


July 7
Vince Powers
Peter Kostyk
Judith Frans
Roger Frans


July 7
Janet Thigpen
Robert Wagner


July 8
Bruce Bytwerk
Kathy Bytwerk
Steve Rhorbeck
Sue Konopka
Arlie Sears


July 8
Nick Kelsey
Greg Gilbert


July 8
Alan "Gonzo!" Strackeljahn
Tom "Bonsai" Charmichael


July 10
Mark Dimicelli


July 11
Tracy "The Space Man" Gayton


July 11
Laura "The Slug Slayer" & "Fox"
Frank C.


July 11
George Steffanos


July 11
"The Fatheads"
Patty McDonnell
Shawn Jarman


July 13
Steve Tomchek


July 14
Dave Spencer
Chuck Nadeau
Mike Doane


July 15
Maynard Haslett
Tim Sheehy


July 15
Jody Perham
Curt Tracy


July 15
"The Pike-a-holics"
Dick Kersten
Peg Jaeger


July 15
Troy "Trick Knee" Martin



July 18
Inez Phipps
Jan Phipps


July 18
Tim Mersch


July 18
Mike Olsen


July 18
Kenny "The Slack Packers" Charmatz
Dennis Hill


July 19
Cathy Biondi
Ron "The Baptist" Amos


July 19
"The Red Hat Seniors"
Al & Pearl Foust


July 20
Mike Patch


July 21
Neil Lora


July 21
Gene Hadlow


July 22
G.M. Rieken
Pat Estes


July 22
John Rhodes
Jay McIntire


July 25
Hugh Bodington
David Miller


July 30
Pete "Headin Home" Lockwood
Bruce "Goin Up" Lockwood
Larry "Abreviated Member" Anderson
Eben J. "The Starvin' Hiker" Muse


August 1983

August 3
Rob "Gollum" Havert


August 3
Richard Dupuis


August 5
"The Tandem Turtles"
Hob & Deb McConville



August 8
Brad "Arfuna" Sherman


August 11
Steven "Yo Yo" Nuckolls


August 15
Richard Newday


August 15
Tracy Burge
Kathy Zone
Jeff Bonait

August 19
Louis & June Gallegher
Jim Niedbolski

August 26
John Barolet

August 30
Tom Thomson

August 31
John Ferris

August 31
David Fik
Eileen & Dave Brogan

September 1983

September 2
Brad Van Offel


September 2
"The Trailenders"
Truman & Terry Ingalsbe
Lord Findlay of Shamrock


Sept 15
Andy Coone
Mike Curran


September 19
Kay Hoberecht
Dinah Owens


September 21
Paul Ziobro


September 21
Mike & George Nickles

October 1983

October 5
Gary E. Scudder Sr.
Gary E. Scudder Jr.


October 6
Marlene Wellen
Ron Bruschi


October 15
Stephen C. Fordham Jr.


October 17
Cindy "Easy" Landham
Bob "Slow" Landham


October 19
Gerry Seidell


October 21
Gregory D. Silla



October 24
Bill "Bazooka Joe" Gray

October 26
William "The Flophat Floridian" Meldrum


November 1983

November 2
"The Yale Yyahoos"
Phil Ostrand
Lil Duda


November 4
Matt Tilbury


December 1983

December 7
Tom Watson


December 21
Winston F. "The Man from Tuskegee" Lumsden
also known as "The Great Appalachian Trail Athlete"


Other hikers from 1983

Jim "The Orange Crush" Triplett


Jim "Fuzzy Jim" Berlstein


John Smart and dog Smoky


Don "Taxman" Meeks


Fritz Shwalm & Don Cherry


Fred Abraham


Joannie Thomson


Tom (?)















Other personalities

Jean Cashin, Harpers Ferry, WV


Bonnie Shipe "The Ice Cream Lady" Pennsylvania Roadwalk


Roger Brickner, Upper Greenwood Lake, NY


Cindy, Massachusettes Ridge Runner