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May 29, Sunday (1919.4 mtg)

Up at 5:50 am. Cool and overcast. Started hiking and then it started sprinkling. Soon it was raining. After about four hours the rain subsided. We took a break at Cosby Knob Shelter. There was a female ranger there who inquired about whether we had seen any bears, or how we thought the trash along the trail situation was. We also met several other hikers and learned of their plans to stay at Davenport Gap shelter tonight - A destination that seemed too popular as far as I was concerned since that was our chosen shelter for the evening. It would be a race to get there to secure a spot. Regardless of the race, we took the side trail to Mt. Cammerer Firetower as it looked as though the clouds might be clearing enough to get a view, but upon arrival our hopes were crushed as the clouds continued to hug the slopes. The firetower itself was pretty cool; however, it was similar to a castle turret - round with a pointed roof. It was erie walking along the ridge to and from the firetower with the clouds wisping over the near knife edge ridge where the trail lead. From the side trail to Davenport Gap shelter was about five miles of just down, down, down off of the ridge of the Smoky Mountains. The back of my left foot began to hurt a little, actually just a little discomfort. We arrived at the shelter a little after one p.m. and had a cheese omlet and chocolate pudding as a snack. I can't say for sure, but considering the time of day, we may have made the trip down a nearby road to a known grocery store for a little resupply and telephone usage; however, it was Sunday and maybe we figured it was closed. Maybe that is where the eggs for the omlet came from. The rain returned at 4:30 pm, but we were already at the shelter. There were six others that joined us at Davenport Gap that night. We gathered firewood to pass the time, and left some for the next inhabitants. Fifteen miles or so for today - 22 big ones planned for tomorrow to put us 12 miles out of Hot Springs, NC. Began a list of things to get in Hot Springs.

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