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June 13, 1983 Monday (1653 mtg) From Gonzo!s Appalachian Trail journal

Slow getting up this morning, but that was fine, we were now ahead of schedule after such a long day yesterday. There was no hurry today, only about 14.2 miles total. Not a whole lot exciting today. Took a break at another one of my favorite places - Comer's Creek Falls. Climbed past the side trail to Raccoon Branch Shelter, but rather than stopping, we proceeded on the extra couple of miles to Trimpi Shelter. Arrived at the shelter at about 1:00 pm, and began to prepare lunch. Imagine that, finished hiking for the day even before eating lunch. Now what? I decided to eat a freeze dried lasagna dinner as my lunch after Jim decided that it was necessary to start up the stove so he could boil water for a cup-o-lunch that he had. Spent the remainder of the afternoon lazing around, feeling like I should be hiking, and feeling generally on edge. To keep myself occupied, I greased my boots with sno-seal water repellent. This not only helps keep the leather waterproof, but helps keep the leather soft and pliable, and prevents cracking as a result. I noticed an Eastern Phoebe had a nest in the rafters of the shelter, and flew in and out caring for its young. I watched this for a while. I spotted a deer down by the spring. I then spent some time contemplating what would be the result of moving on, but found that there would be no advantage. We would have to camp even if we moved on, and the added distance would not help our arrival at the next supply point. So I just sat there with nothing to do! Boring! Finally it became time to go to bed.

With six days until our arrival at Pearisburg, my Mother sent out a parcel today to Pearisburg at a cost of $2.78 (see postal receipt).

Gonzo! Appalachian Trail Journals ©1983

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