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July 26, 1983 Tuesday (851.7 mtg) From Gonzo!s Appalachian Trail journal

There was no "sunrise" from Sunrise Mountain this morning, the atmosphere was somewhat hazy, and the fog was hanging in the valley below. But at this time of the year the sun came up behind a group of trees that blocked direct view anyway. The scene was impressive none-the-less, and had a calming effect on the spirit. We packed up our gear before anyone could accuse us of having spent the night at the pavilion, and headed north on the trail.

About six miles farther up the trail, I took the quarter mile long side trail to Rutherford Shelter to obtain water from the spring that had not gone dry yet. By that time we had entered the boundaries of High Point State Park, and occasionally we were treated to a view of the obelisk that is located on High Point Summit. I climbed up a wooden viewing platform as I approached the monument, and could see the people at the base of the monument as they walked around, and noticed there were some of those binocular telescopes mounted there for the viewing public. I could not tell whether anyone was actually looking in my direction, but just in case, I turned around, bent over, and dropped my shorts to allow them to see the moon rising over my waistband. Within the hour I found myself at the monument as I took a little side trip to check out the facilities. I did not use the telescopes to see if a moon was rising back at the viewing platform. High Point is, of course, the highest point in New Jersey at just over 1600 feet. I ate lunch while at the monument at a small concession stand located just below the concrete base.

The expected terrain afterwards did not seem to match the profile shown on the back of my map for the area immediately following High Point Monument, perhaps the trail had been relocated since the printing of the maps, or the scale was so wacked out that it threw me off.

I secured a quart of ice cream while passing by the town of Unionville and then continued along the long roadwalk past the sod farms to Liberty Corners. Just before leaving the roadwalk, I got some water from local residents before the hike up Pochuck Mountain. They told us there was a lake near the summit that would make a nice camping spot, so off we went in search of the lake. We never found the lake, but the search had taken us a couple of miles beyond where we had expected to be for the night. I camped in a small clearing next to county road 565 as I recall, and had the company of at least one other hiker that I can remember* (Paul, I think). Those extra miles put us farther along toward Rogers' cottage, where I was scheduled for tomorrow night.

* Note Feb 25, 2012 from Marcel Montville: It was Paul Nichols, and he, Marcel, had also that spent the night in the clearing with me)

Gonzo! Appalachian Trail Journals ©1983

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