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July 20, 1983 Wednesday (944.2 mtg) From Gonzo!s Appalachian Trail journal

Of course, with the early rising that we were doing now to beat the heat, the Gambrinus Restaurant (Bavarian Inn) five miles beyond Allentown Shelter was closed as we went by this morning. I found the huge beer bottle out front particularly interesting, and would have liked to have eaten breakfast at the Inn.

Not far from the Gambrinus, lie a shelter that I remember as the worst shelter along the trail. I think it was partially due to its' proximity to the road and easy access. I don't even think I checked the register at this shelter after seeing the huge mound of trash piled up behind the shelter. The sight turned my stomach and the smell was awful and almost pushed that feeling over the edge. I went back to the trail and continued on.

The hike today featured a lot of boulder hopping. In the area around Bake Oven Knob the rocks were especially numerous. One consolation was the abundance of blueberries that were growing along the trail free for the taking. Free food is always appreciated.

I ended my day at George W. Outerbridge Shelter after an 18.6 mile day. This stopping point not only allowed me to be at the selected spot for the big party tonight, but also logistically put the steep downhill and infamous climb out of Lehigh Gap as the first thing on the schedule tomorrow morning during the coolest part of the day. This evening Mike and his friend John packed up enough food to feed an army! Of course the heaviest part would have to be the case of beer, and the six pack of rootbeer (thank you!). They also packed in a dozen hamburgers, a dozen hot dogs, and all the buns etc., cheese, chocolate chip cookies, and two and a half gallons of vanilla fudge ice cream! What a party. If you were not full after that it was your own fault. We would use all the energy from this food for the big rocky climb tomorrow.

Gonzo! Appalachian Trail Journals ©1983

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