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Aug 15 , 1983 Monday (482.5 mtg) From Gonzo!s Appalachian Trail journal

The breakfast part of the "bed, breakfast, and bath" this morning was very filling. I had four bowls of cereal, orange juice, milk, eggs, toast, bacon, and five pancakes. Only trouble was that the breakfast did not get started until 8 o'clock. By then I usually have almost two hours of hiking under my belt. We did not get rolling until a little after 9 am!

Some of the hiking this morning followed roads until we arrived at the Ottauqueechee River, and crossed the River Road just beyond. For the remainder of the day the trail followed old woods roads and streams. Richard Kozon and I got lost on one of the roads once. Richard was one of the fastest hikers that I had come across yet, I am really surprised that I even caught up to him in the first place. I guess in the long run my mileage was higher, so even though he might be able to hike faster than I did, I was able to move toward the final destination faster. While crossing one pasture, he quickly became far ahead of me and I became angry and yelled at him to wait up for me. Boy, could he move out!

We ended our hike today at Gulf Shelter after only 14 miles. A short mileage day, but it seemed long. A couple of other hikers were at the shelter for the night as well.

I suppose as a result of my speaking with my mother yesterday, a package was sent first class from Illinois to Glencliff, New Hampshire today. (cost $7.42)(see postal receipt)

Gonzo! Appalachian Trail Journals ©1983

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