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May 26, 1981 Tuesday From Gonzo!s Appalachian Trail journal

Everyone (Mike Block, Bruce Gernstein & I) slept in Mike’s dome tent last night, and put our packs in mine. Got up this morning and had the traditional oatmeal with apples & raisins, honey & a cup of hot cocoa – which I bought 12 packs for $1.90 I believe, at Giff’s. I later found some at Wesser for $1.19.

We walked a couple miles from Lakes End before getting a hitch, and then got picked up by a VW van driven by a guy and his son who were from Memphis & were cousins of Beth Betch, my pastors family, and knew where Highland, my home town was and had been there. They drove us between 15 – 17 miles to Wesser, and dropped us off at the Nantahala Outdoor Center (NOC). I cashed a traveler’s check and bought a pair of running shorts, oatmeal variety pack, and some pudding & instant milk. Hopefully these days off will help my blisters heal.

Paid $3.64 for the room (hostel) and plan on eating at the restaurant tonight. It’s cooling off – I think it is going to rain. It rained most, if not all of the evening. I am sharing the hostel with two guys and a gal (Chuck, Charlie, & Pat) as well as Bruce and Mike. Had a shower & cooked lunch on the range(stove) in the room.

For dinner I ate a Wesserburger, a loaf of homemade bread with some cheese, one scoop of chocolate ice cream, and one scoop of butter pecan ice cream. All was very good. Total cost $4.40. $2.15 for the burgers –too much! It wasn’t really very large (and definitely not as good as a Giff burger!). Later on I reorganized my pack and threw out an old pair of jeans. (Lesson 3: Jeans should never be taken on a hiking trip anyway – once wet, they never dry out.)

I have too much food for now considering the next food supplies are only two days away. Looks like we will be hiking in wet weather tomorrow. Forecast from paper Chuck brought back says highs 75 – 80 lows in the 50’s. 50% chance of rain. Chuck & Charlie hitched to town earlier and got beer for the crew. Sent 5 post cards today.

Gonzo! Appalachian Trail Journals ©1981