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May 22, 1981 - Friday From Gonzo!s Appalachian Trail journal

Today was supposed to be an easy day as Bill and I were originally planning on staying at Addis Gap shelter only six miles from Tray Mountain Shelter. Instead, we stopped there for lunch and decided to go on to Dick’s Creek Gap and possibly get a ride into town. We got there after a long downhill descent to find Joel & John, and a new potential friend, John Smart, who sported red hair and beard. Soon after we arrived, they left to reach Plumb Orchard, 4 miles away. Bill decided he wanted to go to Hiawasse, so I headed up the trail as he walked off, trying to hitch a ride to town. We had arranged that I would wait for him at Plumb Orchard shelter until noon the next day, and if he didn’t show, he would catch up later. I hated to split up for fear of not getting together again since I knew I couldn’t keep up with Joel and John. So I stayed at Plumb Orchard Gap lean to, which made 15 or so miles again for today. Had a nice evening at the shelter with the three; and had a supper consisting of a can of chicken mixed with Lipton Noodle dinner (chicken flavor) a little rice and a little garlic thrown in. Have to look for some butter buds and Knox orange flavored drinking gelatin. John Smart played flute and harmonica and also made TV Time popcorn and let us sample his pudding and dinner. He was a real nice guy from Pennsylvania. We were serenaded by his flute and harmonica while I drifted off to sleep.

Gonzo! Appalachian Trail Journals ©1981