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June 8 , 1981 Monday From Gonzo!s Appalachian Trail journal

Got up at 5:30 am, and had 3 packets of oatmeal. Maybe the last that I have – hope there is some at Hot Springs. It has been almost forty-five minutes since the alarm went off and still no one else is up. What a bunch of wimps! It happens every time: “What time do you want to get up?” “About ……” “OK”, but do they get up? Never once yet! It does give me time to write, but is frustrating having to sit around wondering when they will get up.

Almost twenty-four hours now and no rain to speak of. Pretty amazing! Hope it doesn’t rain today either. That would be nice. Arriving in Hot Springs today, and will try to get the full scoop of these murderers so we can either quit or be prepared. It’s terrible that a person can’t even sleep at night being afraid someone may assault and kill you.

Now we’re in Hot Springs after a day of fast downhill walking. There was some good uphill climbing, but the majority was downhill. It’s five dollars per night to stay at the hostel, but you can stay for free if you work two hours. Received a package at the PO, but didn’t get the envelope with my travelers checks. Got letters from Connie, Amy, and Linda Benz. Chuck treated me to a piece of pie that I ate with a pint of butter pecan ice cream I purchased. 95 cents for the ice cream. Bruce and Pat were given a free package of rations from the post master, but split it between themselves and Chuck. I guess someone did not pick it up and it had been sitting around the office for too long. I talked to Dad at work from a phone in The Hiker’s Inn, and called Mom at home later from an old ladies house. I believe Cody Washer was her name. I may not eat anything else tonight. Did laundry and had a shower. Went with Chuck down to the Inn where Pat and Bruce spent the night for $12. It was getting late so I left and walked back to the hostel, and went to bed.

Gonzo! Appalachian Trail Journals ©1981