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June 28 , 1981 Sunday From Gonzo!s Appalachian Trail journal

Woke up around six-ish and made oatmeal & grits, and topped it off with two Pop-Tarts. I took off with Peter. We took only one break, and then pushed on to VA 16 and the visitor’s center there. Saw one deer this morning and were “sort of “chased by a few cows in a pasture as we hiked across it. I talked to the attendant at the center who told us about a new relocation, and also an update about Pat, Bruce, and Chuck. Apparently Pat had hitched there from a road near Raccoon Branch shelter, and although Bruce and Chuck showed up later, the three couldn’t make up their minds whether to hitch or hike on. While at the visitor’s center for lunch, Peter ran down the road a mile or so and picked up a few groceries. He also brought back a half gallon of vanilla ice cream. We all split it.

We talked to three locals just before ascending Glade Mountain. They offered us a beer, which some took, but not me.

Now, as I am here at Glade Mountain lean to, I see there is no entry in the register for them. I assume; therefore, that they are hitching. An earlier note from Chuck said they would be in Pearisburg soon and they would leave a note for me there. I decided to spend the night at Glade Mt. Shelter which has a nice little stream in front, and an outhouse located nearby that even has toilet paper. A respectable 17 miles for the day. Had planned on going 4 more miles to US 11, but didn’t think we would find a good place to camp. I plan on eating breakfast at the Village Truck Stop tomorrow morning, where we were planning to go today and maybe eat lunch.

I didn’t eat much for dinner this evening, just the rest of the grape-nuts in my gorp, and a grilled cheese sandwich. For dessert I whipped up a French vanilla pudding. During part of the evening we were entertained/annoyed by a stray dog that kept hovering around and polluting the air with noxious silent-but-deadly farts. Everyone kept blaming the others until finally we figured out the real truth - it was the dog!

Gonzo! Appalachian Trail Journals ©1981