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June 26 , 1981 Friday From Gonzo!s Appalachian Trail journal

Slept fairly well last night and surprisingly didn’t get wet either. Since we had put the tents up in the rain, we did it quite rapidly, and I forgot to put my ground cloth down. Therefore, I just folded it to the size of my bed and put it inside. Tent only leaked a few small puddles. Looked a little bit like rain about the time we got up(6:00?), but later it got very nice and sunny. The climb up White Mt. was long, and I seemed to have a lack of energy. The trail was rocky and the switchbacks were very, very long, but it all became worth it when we got to Buzzard Rocks where I took some panoramic view (roll5) photos. Ate lunch and enjoyed the view for an hour and a half. Too long a lunch for the distance we wanted to go today (22m). Travel seemed to be slow, I think because of the rocks. My Achilles tendon began suffering slightly today and yesterday. I spotted a fawn in the woods just off the trail, it ran just a few yards then turned around and looked at us. We watched it for a while. No mother to be seen. Later on at Rhododendron Gap we saw and photographed a doe. Took a couple of shots of Bill and Jean and moved on. Saw three other people at the gap. For part of the afternoon, we walked through cow and horse pastures and over beautiful rocky balds. Nice, but rough on the feet. When we crossed a nice stream later in the afternoon, we were so tired, we decided to pitch camp. About 15.5 miles for the day I believe. Wery tiring walking today. Camped directly between two small streams and went to bed listening to the sounds of the streams, with cows mooing in the distance.
Gonzo! Appalachian Trail Journals ©1981