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June 23 , 1981 Tuesday From Gonzo!s Appalachian Trail journal

Not a bad sleep in the tent which I pitched in the middle of the trail. I believe it rained last night a little. Only one spot of the floor was damp and that was because there is a slash in my ground cloth. Eggs & grits to start the day. Pulled out of camp at about 7:15 am and made very good time. Saw the Nick Grindstaff monument – buried with his dog. The dog that was protecting his dead body when the locals found him. He died around 1923, a hermit, ‘cause when he was in California his money was ripped off. So he came back and lived in the mountains as a hermit.

Had two breaks during the hike at about 5m and 10 miles. I crossed into Virginia at 11:34 am and proceeded to Damascus. Good trail today – mostly level with ups and downs. Went directly to the PO and got a package from Mom with banana chips, fruit leather, M & M’s, and letters. Thanks Mom! From the PO I proceeded to the hostel, known as “The Place”, where we are staying for a small donation of $1.50 per night. Pat, Bruce, and Chuck were at the hostel when we arrived. Of course they had hitched from Highway 91. The Place is a real nice place – no stove however, but refrigerator, shower, and restrooms. It is right in town behind the Methodist church. Bought a half gallon of $1.24 fudge swirl ice cream, 2 liter bottle of Dr. Pepper, milk & cereal, and cheese to eat the next day. Received some free watermelon from a man who frequents the hostel. I mentioned that I was looking for a hammock, and a few hours later he came back and gave me an inexpensive hammock he had found or purchased somewhere.

At “The Gateway” restaurant, I had the special of hamburger casserole and 2 rolls, apple sauce, potato salad, and corn for $2.50 The casserole was a bit cold. Chuck gave blood at the blood drive at the church. He also worked the afternoon cleaning a cemetery for $20. Joel was also at the hostel and fried and barbecued chicken late this evening. I used my great detective skills to find out through the telephone operator the phone number for the Field’s in Hannibal, Mo. Got it and called person to person collect and Connie happened to be there. Had a nice chat with her for about 11 minutes during which she wished me ”Happy Anniversary” - 2 years as of this month. She asked me about my beard, and I asked her where she had sent letters, etc. Afterwards I called Mom and rapped for too long. She told me that Dad’s Summer sausage sold for $5-7 a lb. That seems ridiculous! I supposedly have about $755 dollars left in my bank account. I don’t really know whether any of it has to go for anything else or not, but I hope I can use it all for the trip. Sat around and talked to Joel for a while late this evening when a fellow from England came in. Then we all talked for a while until about 11:30 pm when I decided I should hit the mattress. I hoped I would have a good night’s sleep and be able to sleep in a little longer in the morning.

Gonzo! Appalachian Trail Journals ©1981