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July 7, 1981 Tuesday From Gonzo!s Appalachian Trail journal

Prepared blueberry pancakes for breakfast this morning! Pretty good with those fresh ripe blueberries I picked yesterday. Topped that off with Pop-Tarts. Peter started hiking first, but I caught up with him in a few miles and walked behind him for a while. He took a break and I pushed on. Ate a little snack at 10 a.m. where the trail met Trout Creek, but pushed on soon after, hoping to make it four miles to the Dragon's Tooth rock by lunch. The trail was rough and rocky and I ate lunch unknowingly about 15 minutes or more from the Dragons’ Tooth. Took some pictures (end of roll 7). On the way down the mountain, I ran into some guys from Roanoke who were very interesting, and knowledgeable of the trail. Hiked down the 3 miles to VA 311 fairly quickly, and hit the Catawba Inn (gas and groceries) and immediately purchased a half gallon of Butter Pecan ice cream. In my mind, I joined the 7/16 gallon club that day – could have finished it, but I know I would have felt bad. Later on I had several sodas. I had arrived at the store at 2:30. Peter at 3 or after, and Bob around 5. Peter pushed on while I called the locker and talked with Dad. He will talk with Mom and I will call later to find out their vacation plans. While sitting around, I had a can of tuna and granola bars for supper. This evening, I called home and got set to be picked up, and return home this weekend. (Although I am having fun in general, trouble with infected, smelly blisters, and nightly back pains don’t seem to be going away. My feet don’t ever seem to be dry, which is a problem for the blister healing, and I figured that even if I continued on, I had skipped so many sections when I was hiking with others that I would not have actually completed the trail in total - even if I made it to Maine.) Mom and Dad will leave Friday at 3:00 am and pick me up in Cloverdale, Virginia. Tonight I will sleep on the pavement in front of the Catawba Inn tonight, even though the owner has given us permission to stay in “Bob’s Big Time Barn” just to the left of the store. This little hog barn was a bit run down, but the biggest problem was the fact that to get to it you had to walk through knee deep grass infested with ticks. I made one attempt to reach the place and came back after just a few steps and had to spend a few minutes removing ticks. But thanks anyway Bob! I discovered that evening, at dusk, that the pond on the right of the grocery store supported a healthy population of Bullfrogs. I made a mental note for a future trip where food could be found.

Gonzo! Appalachian Trail Journals ©1981